Corporate Social Responsibility

We support people in becoming the best that they can be. The premise is the same for our social commitment.

We provide encouragement for the creative minds of today and tomorrow

  • through the “Gerhard and Lore Kienbaum Foundation” founded in 1994, which focuses on outstanding university graduates and post-graduates in economics
  • by awarding the Kienbaum Prize for excellence in degree theses at the Gummersbach campus of the Cologne University of Applied Sciences
  • through our training programs for scholarship recipients funded by major organizations for the promotion of young talent
  • through our commitment to the “InCharge for the next generation” initiative against youth unemployment in Europe and the integration of young asylum seekers into the German labor market
  • through our involvement with Operation Leap Forward, which develops and encourages those with chronic illnesses through training and employment

Kiron and Kienbaum

We support the virtual university Kiron, which offers young refugees both on-line and on-site study opportunities coupled with a mentoring program. The “Kiron emPower” program also offers students psychosocial counseling or refers them to other professional services. Kienbaum supports Kiron’s innovative and social approach and assists it in nurturing ideas by ensuring that an appropriate team is in place. We do all this on three levels: direct support in the recruitment of new employees, development of a future-oriented recruiting process and one-on-one mentoring for refugee students.

Kienbaum arts promotion

By encouraging artists through Kienbaum Artists’ Books, we have been working in close collaboration with Snoeck Publishing since 2007 to help selected artists produce an “artwork in book format.” Through dialog with the artists, carefully curated books are presented that significantly expand the audience for their work. Book projects completed to date include: Thomas Zitzwitz (Moleskine orangée, 2007), David Reed (Rock Paper Scissors, 2009), Jorinde Voigt (Botanic Garden Code, 2011), Klaus Merkel (hornbook, 2014) and Ingrid Calame (Being Born, 2016).

Support for initiatives and clubs

  • through our commitment to the traditional handball club VfL Gummersbach
  • through our support for refugee services in Munich, including its local Caritas organization, in incorporating action-oriented and sustainable civic involvement into refugee assistance

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