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Digital transformation is affecting all business models and having a direct impact on value chains everywhere. With its investment arm Highland Pine Investment, Kienbaum finds promising innovative business ventures to cooperate with and invest in. What all investments have in common is that the recipients work in areas of relevance for Kienbaum’s people and organization consulting business in the age of digitalization and that they help reinforce Kienbaum’s digital portfolio as innovative HR and management consultants.

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The purpose of Safe is to distil specialist knowhow and expertise for supervisory committees in digital formats and IT resources, available on a consolidated platform that brings together a versatile range of components, features, modules, and applications. The digital services offered through Safe were developed with the DINSPEC 33456 (Business Process Guidelines for Supervisory Boards) standards in mind. The training opportunity translates into an immediate effect on the actual practice and performance of supervisory bodies. By applying effective governance infrastructures in accordance with the DIN SPEC 33456 procedures, the decisions of supervisory bodies are made more transparent and secure, as required by the business judgement rule.

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