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Environment, Health und Safety

Organizations commit to sustainability in its three dimensions ecology, economy, and social responsibility in very different ways. One thing is clear: Companies in the developed and the developing markets have realized the importance of sustainability and established it as an elementary element of their business policies. Sustainability demands a holistic response: Only if we consider value chains and business models in complete and comprehensive terms can we implement truly effective strategies.

Kienbaum has teamed up with the Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency (EPEA), founded by the chemist and visionary thinker Michael Braungart, to raise awareness for the circular economy concept as a unique solution for sustainable value creation and growth decoupled from the consumption of resources. The circular economy powered by Cradle to Cradle® breaks the old chain linking growth and the waste of resources by developing a new style of products and processes, guaranteeing sustainable resources and promising significant competitive advantages.

Industrial health and safety is often reduced to “personal safety” while the safety incidents with a major impact are often caused by a combination of technical and human errors and multiple events or failures that coincide. Kienbaum and TÜV SÜD created a proactive process safety management system that makes safety measurable and the organization ready for the journey to (process) safety excellence. Now, both operations and safety can be monitored and managed. Achieving process safety excellence in this sense means changing from an audit based company to a proactive process safety driven organization.