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Complex challenges in the financial service sector are fundamentally changing the demands to be satisfied by managers, executives and employees. Such challenges include a redefined competitive environment, modified customer behavior, increasing cost pressures, multiple regulatory requirements, and low interest rates.

As skilled partners and experts in transformation processes focusing on people and organizations, our advisors offer you forward-looking and sustainable solutions. We advise on recruiting, developing and retaining talented employees and leaders; designing incentive schemes, organizations and processes; establishing new leadership cultures; and managing redundancies with the utmost proficiency.

Given their extensive knowledge of the financial service and real estate markets, of the key actors, and of the methods and principles applied in these fields, our advisors ensure that implementation not only succeeds, but is also sustainable.

We have mastered the art of motivating people to embrace change, of responding to resistance constructively, and of achieving goals collectively. From the very first day, you can be certain that our proposals will be accepted and reflect a high quality standard.

What challenges do banks and insurers need to overcome in order to safeguard their future?

In order to ensure long-term success, our clients in the finance sector need innovative managers and talented individuals who know the market well, adopt a modern leadership culture, and can steer their teams and direct reports through an increasingly agile and digital corporate landscape.

Comparison of salaries in the banking industry

How much do employees in the banking sector earn?

Encompassing German banks and thrift institutions, the salary comparison provides a detailed insight into current salaries in multiple-office and direct banks as well as thrift institutions. Based on 47 executive and technical positions, it indicates the pay of typical banking sector employees. Our benchmarking tool gives you exclusive online access, which enables you to perform your own salary scale analyses and provides you with an alternative, well-founded barometer of your pay structure.

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