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From Makers of Cars to Providers of Mobility

The automotive industry never stands still. New competitors from outside the traditional industry entering the market and vying for customers and talented employees, novel mobility services, innovation cycles spinning ever faster, connected cars, the need to maintain efficiency while offering more and more models and variants, and the transition to electric mobility: Many forces are intensifying the competitive pressures around the world. The industry needs to achieve constant change, supported by a highly competent workforce and adaptive management systems.

The dynamic developments in the automotive industry bring about many new challenges like digital transformation, globalization, decreasing sales, and diversification. This is raising the bar for management and employees in the sector. The changing environment needs them to constantly update, adapt, and refresh their competences. Scale and scope used to be the yardsticks in the industry; now, the evolution of competences and capabilities has become just as important for securing lasting success in the automotive sector.

Kienbaum’s global Automotive Practice Group brings together consultants with long-standing experience in the sector, combined with the unique expertise of highly qualified people consultants. This combination of industry expertise and intensive functional knowhow in change and organization consulting, human capital services, and executive search makes us fully equipped for even the most complex challenges. We can offer services for the entire range of consulting projects: from personal coaching for managers and top executives or optimizations in the procurement or after sales functions to comprehensive, full-scale transformation initiatives.

We focus all of our efforts as partners of top management on our clients and their people. Our holistic consulting concept, revolving around people as the core of our work, and the versatile experience and great commitment of our professionals allow us to work with our clients on their specific needs and problems and make them more competitive for their industry. We can support you in every field, from initial diagnostics to the definition and implementation of suitable solutions – always with an independent and unbiased perspective.

Future trend Connected Car


Connected Car and the digitization of vehicles will have serious impact on the automotive industry. In this industry significant changes will approach and cover all aspects of employees, leadership and even business models.

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