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Innovation and Specialization: People Making a Difference

The chemical industry is facing a set of major challenges: The markets are moving; demand in many larger economies, like China, Russia, or Brazil, is far from predictable. Rising population figures will keep up global demand. The supply of fossil resources seems secure for the medium-term future, but renewable resources will have to replace these in the long run. The industry cannot go forward without investment in research and development and new innovations.

For many people, the chemical industry remains an attractive field of work, not least due to the above-average salaries available in the field. Enterprises in the industry are, however, competing for the best talent and qualified engineers with new digital companies and start-ups. The next generation of employees expects more than an attractive pay package. Employers need to offer a meaningful job, a vision for the future, and appealing working conditions to be able to win and retain top personnel.

The lasting success and development of chemical enterprises depends on how responsive they are in adjusting to the changing expectations concerning their products and people and how effectively they can use these forces to rise above their competitors.

The current challenges in the chemical industry are the forces driving a wide range of structural changes and the intensive innovation efforts in the field. Companies are optimizing their use of resources, dedicating themselves to specialty chemicals, and looking for ways to achieve more efficient and sustainable production methods. At the same time, the chemical industry is not above the effects of the general trend towards digitalization.

These changes have intensive and far-reaching effects on the competences expected of the executives and specialists working in the field and on the organization and processes of their companies – Change can only work with people in organizations, never without them.

Kienbaum combines comprehensive knowledge in the chemical industry with competences covering all essential questions of HR to help the industry master the commercial challenges ahead of it. This includes holistic consulting support for change and organization, for transformation in organizations, processes, and systems, for human resource management, the search and selection of executives, and for communication. We offer our clients complete and integrated solutions that always understand all dimensions of the transformation process as part of the bigger picture.