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Energy & Utilities

Sustainable Consulting

The energy industry is changing at its core: The traditional value chain of power generation, trade, grid operations, sales, and shared services is breaking up under the combined forces of Germany’s energy revolution, digitalization, dwindling margins, tougher regulation, and increased competition.

Renewable power generation is causing a massive shift in the merit order, making some conventional power plants commercially unsustainable. What the industry is sorely lacking is a dependable market model that would incentivize investment meaningfully for the construction of the new power generation facilities that are needed.

Power grids are becomingly more and more regulated and less and less profitable. At the same time, centralized power generation is giving way to energy that is being produced and fed in locally. The traditional consumer end of the business is also becoming increasingly unpredictable, as formerly dependable revenue streams are being undermined by the trend towards self-sufficiency and by increasing competition. Decisions are becoming less certain and their outcomes less foreseeable, and the margins of municipal utilities and energy providers are coming under pressure.

To help them respond to this situation, we offer our clients effective support for their transformation ventures. Our consulting services do not stop at strategic or structural solutions, as we have dedicated ourselves to a holistic understanding of our mission as consultants.

Our executive search professional will find the right hearts and minds for the succession and realignment processes currently under way. The highly specialized team has been fully committed to the energy industry for several decades and has built up a vast and durable network of contacts across the industry.