People make companies succeed

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Mechanical engineering is grappling with the universal trends affecting the global economy: the volatile price of energy or resources, digitalization, increasing international competition, and the call for sustainability. At the same time, more industry-specific trends, such as the new competition in the emerging markets, call for more economical, low-maintenance products.

We help our clients find innovative, sustainable, and holistic answers to their current challenges on the road towards lasting success in their markets, and we know the key factor for success in all of this: People.

Kienbaum develops targeted solutions for the change processes that are needed. We work with our clients to find clear visions for the transformations ahead of them and define their new purpose, corporate mission, and culture. The right targets for action are selected in each of the four key areas: People and competences, organization and management, processes and systems, and direction and strategies. These provide a starting point for defining the target state and planning the right actions to get there, covering both functional / structural and behavioural / cultural changes in the organization for reliable success On top of our methodically sound concepts, our HR competences allow us to manage the softer sides of these transformations holistically to maintain and promote the sense of engagement among our clients’ people. We do this to guarantee the acceptance and quality of our solutions and results from the very first day of our work.

Our manufacturing and engineering team includes experienced consultants with many years of expertise in the industry and exceptional professional skills. We employ a comprehensive range of innovative tools and methods, adjusted to match the specific conditions of our clients, to provide effective management consulting and executive search services with custom solutions for successful transformations. Only Kienbaum offers this unique combination of executive search capabilities, long-standing HR expertise, and traditional management consulting, on the strong foundations of industry expertise.