People make companies succeed

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Financial Services

People for success

The financial services sector is undergoing massive structural changes, driven by substantial changes in customer habits, increasingly complex regulatory requirements, excessive cost pressures, the impact of digitalization, and the slow and painful erosion caused by historically low interest rates. At the same time, the industry needs to regain the trust of the wider public. This melange of problems needs complex, integrated, and complementary solutions.

We help our clients find innovative, sustainable, and holistic responses to the current challenges in the financial sector and establish themselves as lastingly successful actors in their markets. We know the factor determining this success: People!

Kienbaum offers specific solutions for the change processes under way at banks, savings institutes, insurance companies, and other financial service providers. We provide advice for the recruitment, development, and assessment of executives and employees, the design of organizations, processes, and incentive systems, and constructive separation processes.

We ensure lasting results. To support our sophisticated concepts, our HR competences equip us with the ability to motivate people for the changes ahead, help them work constructively with the obstacles in their way, and empower them to reach their intended goals together. We guarantee the high quality and great acceptance of our proposals and results from the very first day of our work.

The Financial Services team includes consultants with many years of experience in the banking and insurance industry and exceptional applied skills in the field. We employ a comprehensive portfolio of innovative tools and methods, always adjusted to match the given conditions at our clients. We guarantee effective management consulting and executive search services with bespoke solutions for the strategic, operational, and HR challenges in the financial services sector. Kienbaum alone offers this unique combination of executive search, long-standing HR competence, and traditional management consulting with substantial industry expertise.