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Health Care

A Healthy Business – with People and for People

E-health, Dr Google, and revolutionary medical innovations are turning the healthcare sector on its head. But these are only part of the many forces of change and determinants of lasting viability like competition, cost pressures, higher and more transparent quality standards, progress in the medical sciences, reforms, and the allocation of financial and human resources.

Health has become a hot topic across society – and digitalization is opening new vistas, with new opportunities and prospects for an industry that needs to live up to the greater expectations of patients and providers alike. The onset of the digital age is changing this most analogue of sectors (where services are rendered, uno actu, by human beings for human beings) whose mission is restoring or protecting people’s health. This can only work for the good of the patient if fully qualified specialists and executives take the right decisions for their hospitals, surgeries, insurance companies etc. to turn them into organizations that are healthy and humane themselves.

Rigid, outmoded structures are being torn down to make room for new, flexible solutions that can help e.g. to save the future viability of hospitals. Companies and organizations in the industry need to get active and come up with innovative, future-proof business models, leadership structures, and forms of service provision. Virtual doctor’s surgeries, digitized medicine, and the coming together of science and engineering will be the new standard in the sector. The many actors in the field will also have to optimize their processes to overcome old inefficiencies and achieve lasting success.

The arrival of digital technologies in the healthcare industry is creating new expectations and requirements. The patients of tomorrow expect intelligent patient files, bridging the inpatient / outpatient gap, with more flexible and transparent processes. The changes are ubiquitous and unmistakeable at care providers, health insurers, and medical technology enterprises as well. The demographic revolution, the unstoppable rise of technology, regulations pushing for evidenced added value, and the dearth of qualified professionals in the medical profession and in many areas of care work force companies to respond with sophisticated strategic HR management.

Commercial forces and the right strategy for the future are not the only decisive factors. It all comes down to the people who are contributing essentially to corporate success, when they apply their potential and can contribute to and share in the enterprise’s fate. This nexus between management and leadership represents the core of Kienbaum’s lasting success. The Healthcare Practice Group offers integrated management and HR consulting competence in the healthcare industry as well as practice-oriented problem-solving skills for all functions of strategic management.

Our healthcare team includes consultants with long-standing expertise in matters of strategy, restructuring / turnarounds, change management, and recruitment, combined with the unique know-how of specialist consultants for specific parts of the healthcare sector (hospital trusts, insurers, medical technology, pharmaceuticals). This combination of industry expertise with in-depth functional knowledge in organizational and change consulting, human capital services, communication, and executive search is the key for mastering the complex challenges in the industry.