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Telecommunication & IT

Connected Knowhow

The technology industry is one of the pathbreakers of the digital information and knowledge economy. Its products and services are connecting people and companies and helping us create, add, and share knowledge and information. The rise of the industry is immediately visible in the sheer scale and the speed of growth of the IT sector. IT and telecommunications enterprises are attractive places to work in a digital world, offering stiff competition to more traditional employers. The creates unique opportunities for HR management, as well as unmistakable risks. The digital skills of specialists and executives have become a highly priced asset not only in the IT sector itself.

The IT and telecommunications industry has to live up to the constantly increasing requirements in terms of data transmission and data security that come with the rise of new technologies in its infrastructure. More mature markets like North America and Europe have made customer loyalty and customer retention important factors for protecting the commercial fortunes of established actors in the market. Growth impulses can be found in the promising business models that are appearing at the places where the sector meets other industries and areas of life, such as connected living, smart energy, convenient health, mobile banking, e-mobility, or cloud computing.

Multimedia services and social media have fast become the mainstream of modern entertainment. Mastering their challenges successfully means translating new trends into sustainable business models. We offer our clients holistic consulting support and unique competence that covers all areas of HR management.
Kienbaum can provide optimum consulting services with dedicated and fully connected industry expertise in the hardware, software, telecommunications, IT consulting, and e-commerce sectors. We are also specialists for the search and selection of CIOs and their closest contributors from across the economy. The twenty specialists in our team will help you find and recruit the executives and specialists you need, wherever you need them in the world. We guarantee the support of professionally experienced and competent consultants with many years of applied expertise in the industry.