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Real Estate

“Think Global, Act Local” – Trends and Core Competences in Real Estate

Real estate represents one of the most diverse and largest sectors of almost any economy on Earth. The range of jobs and functions dealing with real estate is vast: They reach from planning, development, and construction to financing, valuation, brokerage and facility management.

The real estate sector is also facing a number of exiting, but complex changes in its environment: The debt crisis in Europe, the turbulent state of the general economy, and new laws and regulations are impacting on the industry. All of these developments give the real estate sector a completely new relevance: Realty is becoming an increasingly attractive investment, not least in a time of historically low interest rates. Realty has long established itself as an distinct investment class on par with other types of investment.

These positive developments are also bringing several new challenges in their wake: International demand for attractive real estate deals is booming. Identifying competent and reliable business partners and employees has become a vital factor for success in the industry. The many challenges in the field make it more important than ever before to have qualified and technologically skilled employees on board.

Digitalization has long reach the real estate sector as well. It is influencing all business processes and activities and force the traditional and conservative sector to become more innovative than ever before – again, the human factor determines success or failure by getting behind the necessary digital innovations.

Demographic change and urbanization in the industrial western hemisphere in particular are having a direct effect on the real estate market and on the people working in the sector. The new trend towards metropolitan life and concepts for intergenerational living are fueling revenue in the sector, as are contemporary workplace management concepts or changing consumer habits. This is a good opportunity to build up new potential and seize opportunities for development. Real estate enterprises need professional with expertise in international transactions and a nose for new trends and developments. 

Commercial clients expect holistic advice and service. Our profound industry knowhow and our knowledge of business processes and job profiles can help you in such turbulent times.

The well-known adage still holds true: “Think global, act local.” Success in real estate depends on an interdisciplinary way of seeing the asset of real estate. We anticipate and respond to the commercial, technical, and legislative developments and offer you professional, bespoke consulting services for your business – always with a focus on the prime drivers of success: People.