People make companies succeed

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Embodying Customer Focus

Retail can be global, digital, or local – but it always has one thing in common: the customer. Current trends are intensifying and putting increasing pressure on retailers worldwide: The shift from brick-and-mortar to online trade, customers constantly changing their habits and preferences and upping their expectations, new market opportunities in the emerging economies, new actors forcing their way into already highly competitive sectors, saturated markets with minimal profit margins, and increasingly complex requirements in terms of IT or financing, to name just a selection of current forces in the industry. Kienbaum is working with leading traders and retailers to turn the challenges of today into the competitive advantages of tomorrow.

Retail is detail: In the retail world, tiny differences can make a major difference. Top talents and specialists are needed to master the unique mechanisms of the retail market. We see the great importance of the human factor in all retail organizations – because it is people who develop and choose innovative, customer-centric solutions. It is people who make companies successful. Our consultants have appreciated and internalized this basic fact.

We combine change and organizational consulting with professional knowhow in human capital and executive search. We help our clients through complex change processes with advice on strategy and organizations, processes and systems, and people and culture. Our global consulting services are suited to all types of operations, markets, distribution channels, and retail functions.

Our Retail Practice Group includes committed and experienced Partners and Senior Consultants. Their professional expertise is complemented by the unique insights of consultants who have held key positions at leading global retailers. This combination of global and regional expertise and an international reach guarantees you access to the very best methods and newest trends. We understand the challenges you are facing, and we know which leadership qualities are needed to succeed in retail.