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Transport & Logistics

Connecting the World

Transport and logistics are both the backbone and the beating heart of globalization. The new technologies that abound in the industry are channelling the global flow of people and goods for a world that is ever smaller and ever more closely connected. Current challenges call for intelligent and flexible structures in the industry. In practice, this means putting in place innovative solutions today for the trends of tomorrow. Companies need to balance their people, organizations, and systems to make them ready for the changing world ahead of us.

The industry remains one of the most dynamic engines of growth in Europe and a highly sensitive gauge and meter of developments in the global economy. Logistics and transport enterprises need to master the challenges of the industry. For this, they can rely on Kienbaum’s unique consulting portfolio that puts people at its heart as the most critical factor for success. Our services reach from the perfect-fit placement of top executives to HR development programmes and wholescale organizational transformations. We help change processes succeed by asking one key question: Do the people, organizations, and systems truly work together?

With innovative mobility concepts and efficient core and support processes, we can support you in optimizing the processes and structures of your company. Digitalization is creating new opportunities for trying novel ways for your business, using energy more efficiently, and seizing the promising benefits of logistics 4.0 with innovation leadership and flexibility.

Our experienced consultants know how the market works. With contacts and experience built up over years in the industry, they are perfectly placed for developing custom solutions and implementing them with you. We believe that truly tangible success is only achieved when a transformation process leads to a lasting change in behaviour.

Our clients include logistics enterprises operating on a global scale, international air traffic hubs, large European ports, train operators, public transport providers, shipping companies, airlines, and specialized logistics service providers.