Leadership Portraits

We learn from managers - for more than 70 years

In the past decades of our cross-industry consulting we have already got to know a wide variety of executives and leadership entrepreneurs. From start-ups to corporate groups, our Kienbaum network includes exciting personalities with groundbreaking ideas for the management structures of the future. We were lucky enough to be able to conduct interviews with some of them. What was it all about? Agility in the leadership strategy and the courage to implement it. Because the authenticity and attitude of a manager are more important than ever today.

In our Kienbaum Leadership Portraits series, we learn from people who show exceptional leadership qualities. Whether on a small scale or across the Group – we are happy to unite them here.

The Leadership Portraits are taken from our HR Newsletters
HR Futureline and The CIO.
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Kienbaum Leadership Portraits
Prof. Dr. Walter Jochmann
Prof. Dr. Walter Jochmann
Walter.Jochmann@kienbaum.de / +49 211 96 59 358
Dr. Cyrus Asgarian
Dr. Cyrus Asgarian
Cyrus.Asgarian@kienbaum.de / +49 211 96 59 368