Dr. Jörg Sauer

Managing Director

Jörg Sauer began his career at the Daimler Group in 1996 in the area of research and development. Working in management positions for over a decade, he held responsibility in areas that included reality applications, digital engineering, IT and product development processes. He subsequently served as a partner and managing director at Malik Management, working with companies in various sectors on matters of strategic and structural development as well as innovation and leadership. As head of the Management Cybernetics and Bionics division, he developed systemic-cybernetic consultation products along with his staff. He later switched into private business to become the managing partner of an industrial firm that manufactures treatment plants for drinking water and wastewater. Along with his two co-partners, he developed this company into a market leader. Jörg Sauer has been Chief Operating Officer of the Kienbaum Group since July 2019.

Jörg Sauer studied computer theory, physics and business in Saarbrücken, Augsburg and Pittsburgh, earning computer science, advanced engineering and MBA degrees. For over ten years, he has taught management seminars on all relevant management topics. As an external lecturer at the University of Ulm, he teaches masters students in management.


T.: +49 221 801 72-735
E-Mail: joerg.sauer@kienbaum.de