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Dr. Alexander v. Preen

Dr. Alexander v. Preen

T: +49 221 801 72-602

Industry, Consumer & Retail, Financial Services & Real Estate

Dr Alexander v. Preen is a Managing Director of Kienbaum Consultants International GmbH and Kienbaum AG Zürich.

Dr v. Preen has been working with the Kienbaum Group for 16 years in Germany and abroad and has assisted domestic and international clients in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria in particular on all questions of corporate governance, executive search, strategy implementation, controlling, and compensation. He is Kienbaum’s chief representative for all questions concerning strategic compensation management and controlling systems as well as transformation management.

In 2009, Dr v. Preen was appointed as Interim Chair of the Board of Directors of the world’s leader for drive technology with the mission to oversee the development of the company. He is Chairman of the VUVB (Independent Compensation Consultants’ Association) and active on several supervisory boards. In 1997, he joined Kienbaum Management Consultants GmbH as Executive Assistant in the compensation consulting section, after having completed officer training and studied at the LMU Munich.