Eberhard Hübbe

Managing Director

For many years, Eberhard Hübbe has shepherded corporate groups and medium-sized companies engaged in strategic reorientation of personnel areas, optimization of key HR processes, and change and transformation management. A focus of these activities is on the effects of digitization and the manifold new requirements arising from discussions of new work. He has written numerous publications on the subject of leadership effectiveness.

Eberhard Hübbe has over 25 years’ experience in consultancy. He returned to Kienbaum in 2017 as Executive Director after working for five years in traditional strategic consulting. In his earlier duties at Kienbaum, he worked for 18 years in strategy and operations related to all HR issues. Eberhard Hübbe studied psychology at the University of Bochum. He is particularly concerned with providing support throughout the change process for organizations, their leadership and personnel areas, focusing specifically on the topics of new leadership and new work, including in an international context.

T.: +49 151 17 14 11 23
E-Mail: eberhard.huebbe@kienbaum.de