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Roland Braun

Roland Braun

T: +49 211 96 59-480

Manufacturing & Engineering, Telecommunication & IT, Transport & Logistics

Roland Braun, director and member of the management team Kienbaum Consultants International GmbH.
Senior consultant career for management/transformation/new placement/ for executives in corporations, medium and small size comapanies (focus on Industry, TIME, Professional/Financial Services); consultant for termination management in every aspect (company, management, individual, communication), including workshops and events.
Combining 30 years professional career, 20 years in management functions with 15 years career management/transformation/
newplacement expertise. Since 2011 consultant and since 2015 member of the management team and director.
Prior experiences in auditing, tourism, media and it in various management as well as entrepreneur (startup 2000)
Roland Braun studied law (Heidelberg University), 2nd stateexam (Ass.jur.), certified Systemic Business Coach. Excellent sales expertise combining with strong customer focus looking for innovative solutions fitting the customer and clients needs.