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Leading people is not a question of whether to go digital or stay analogue. It is not either-or, but both: Digilogue leadership. Everything is turning digital – Everything? The opposite is true: The digital age needs the renaissance of humanity, says Fabian Kienbaum in his new White Paper.

Aurélie Renaud rejoint Kienbaum France

Kienbaum, leader européen en recrutement de dirigeants, annonce l’arrivée d’Aurélie Renaud au sein de son bureau parisien pour y développer l’activité dans le secteur du Luxe en France et à l’international.

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Termination Management 4.0

Termination management is one of the toughest tasks facing business leaders and executives and it remanis a taboo subject. Terminations are an integral feature and indeed a necessity in any living organisation. But there are misgivings and a reluctance to handle them constructively - and this applies both sides. This is why it was espacially important to us to take a look behind the scenes and find out whether there is a discrepacy between the desired and actual state of affairs and if so, how big the gap is between the two.  

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