Kienbaum study All-Agile-IT

IT Agility

Dr. Cyrus Asgarian, Kristina Beckehoff
| 12. December 2017
Companies operate today in a dynamic market setting that demands a high level of flexibility, an adaptive time-to-market strategy and a commitment to continuous innovation. These primary challenges not only pose a challenge to existing business models and processes at the company level but also change the requirements for future-oriented IT organizations. IT agility is becoming more important than ever. CIOs are increasingly asked to alter the key settings of the IT operating model. This is because agility, added value and innovation have joined such traditional IT challenges as service continuity and cost optimization as musts for highly competitive IT organizations. Many IT functions, however, are just beginning their agile transformation and they frequently fail in their quest for greater agility. In the “All Agile IT” study, based on the participation of over 250 leading management and executive IT decision makers from a broad range of sectors and company sizes, we show precisely where German IT offices perceive the need to make up ground and how they are successful in achieving agile transformation in a value-adding and sustainable way.