Organization chart of German companies 1/2

The structures in which skilled workers want to work in the future

Organization chart of German companies 1/2

Jasmin Bohnenkamp, Prof. Dr. Walter Jochmann, Frank Stein
| 27. April 2017

In the winter of 2016, the online job platform StepStone and the personnel & management consultancy Kienbaum conducted a joint study on the status and perspectives of the hierarchy and organization of companies in Germany. A total of 14,317 people were surveyed as part of this study, of whom approximately 50 percent were specialists, 40 percent managers and 10 percent employees in other positions, such as working students. The companies of the interviewees were from different industries – most of them from the sectors “Health & Social Services”, “IT & Internet” as well as “Machinery & Plant Engineering”.

Most of the companies analyzed employed 101-500 people (19%), 16% of them no more than 50 employees and a further 14% 1,001-5,000 employees. The majority of the companies (28%) had an annual turnover of 10-100 million euros.

The present study by the online job platform StepStone and the management consultancy Kienbaum shows in which structures specialists work today, how they imagine work in the context of digitization and what companies can do to attract and retain the best talents.