Performance management trend study 2017

Performance Management in Transformation

Matthias Kopiske, Hans-Carl von Hülsen
| 26. September 2017
How do companies define ideal performance management? Is performance management really undergoing transition? Is development of a performance culture experiencing serious upheaval as a core area of corporate leadership? What role does digitization play in this? Can we assume that agile forms of work organization and feedback cultures are accompanied by significant changes in the management and development of human resources? And what is happening with compensation and incentive systems? What are the success factors and how are these measured? Will other contents and instruments possibly emerge to occupy center stage? Is there a growing democratization of performance management? The goal of this study is to present in detail the performance-related concepts, approaches and instruments used by companies both now and in the future to develop their performance management and employee evaluation! Particular attention is paid to the question of whether significant differences exist between today’s structure and that of the future.