The Kienbaum Accelerator for N-ERGIE

The Customer

The Nuremberg-based N-ERGIE Corporation provides the large Northern Bavaria region with electric power, natural gas, water, district heating and energy services. In 2016, the approximately 2,600 employees of the N-ERGIE Group generated over EUR 2.8 billion. The N-ERGIE regional network extends across 8,400 square kilometers, including a substantial part of Central Franconia as well as neighboring areas.
To assume responsibility for the people, environment and economy of its home region is a significant part of its corporate strategy and culture. This is succinctly expressed by the company motto: ‘Discernibly Closer’.

The Project

Profile sharpening, transformation and customer orientation – through our innovative seminar process, we collaborated with N-ERGIE to develop a corporate strategy that can be directly tested in future scenarios.

N-ERGIE competes in a challenging market environment characterized by intense competition with very different market participants. The company sought a future-oriented and flexible yet focused strategic approach. To stabilize and expand N-ERGIE’s market position, it was crucial to collect organizational knowledge as effectively as possible.

In a two-day Kienbaum Accelerator workshop, N-ERGIE’s profile vis-a-vis the new shape of the competition was sharpened and the diverse needs of end customers were systematically integrated into strategic goals. With respect to energy use, pioneering products and services were tested against one another for their growth potential, and strategic decisions were made. The workshop’s detailed preparation and the way thematic areas and goals were clearly defined in advance placed participants in a position to test their corporate strategy in extremely diverse, sometimes volatile future market scenarios, in this way ensuring a robust course of action.

The specific recommendations for implementation and the greater focus on N-ERGIE’s profile with respect to innovation and the competition impressed me, as did the innovative Accelerator Method. Our management achieved results in record time, and the resulting motivation and sociability will make a significant contribution to N-ERGIE success in the long run.
Josef Hasler

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