People make companies succeed


The N-Energie Aktiengesellschaft, Nuremberg, supplies large areas of northern Bavaria with electricity, natural gas, water, district heating and energy services. In 2016 the approximately 2,600 employees of the N-ENERGIE group generated a turnover of more than 2.8 billion euros. The N-ENERGIE network area covers an area of 8,400 square kilometers over large parts of Central Franconia and and neighboring areas. Taking responsibility for the people, the environment and the economy in its home region is a vital part of the company's strategy and culture. The company's claim "noticeably closer" clearly expresses just that.

Strengthening and expansion of the market position with agile strategy implementation

Duration: since mid 2017 (several iterations)

Challenge: N-ERGIE operates in an exceedingly demanding market environment, which is characterized by particularly intense competition from a wide variety of market participants. New business models, demanding groups of customers and the continuous further development of energy and thermal solutions demand a future-oriented, flexible and at the same time focused strategy approach.

In order to consolidate N-ENERGIE's market position and at the same time focus on further expanding it is crucial to bring the available organizational knowledge of the company's key people together in the best possible way. On the basis of specific questions, the managers intensively discuss in so-called solution design session, selectively take external impulses on board and, above all, network across levels and areas. Work routines are in part adapted, optimized or completely redesigned. As a result, the chosen approach has noticeably strengthened day-to-day strategy implementation across management levels and significantly accelerated business development.

Project description: In the two-day Kienbaum Accelerator workshop, both the profile of N-ERGIE in the competition, some of which is radically reforming itself, and the needs of diversified end customers were systematically integrated into the setting of strategic goals. In view of to the energy transition, to N-ERGIE is whole-heartedly committed, forward-looking products and services were tested and strategically decided with regard to their growth potential.

This detailed preparation of the Accelerator workshop and the topics and objectives, which were clearly defined beforehand, enabled the Accelerator participants to test their company strategy in various, partially highly volatile future scenarios, thus ensuring a robust approach on the market. 

Josef Hasler, CEO
" I am equally convinced by the precise implementation recommendations and N-ERGIE's sharpened competitive and innovative profile, as by the innovative Accelerator method. Not only did our management achieve results in record time, but the resulting motivation and team spirit will make a decisive contribution to the lasting success of N-ERGIE. "
Josef Hasler, CEO