Compensation & Performance Management

Analysis, Evaluation, Optimization and Development of Compensation Systems

Our compensation and performance management systems takes into consideration an operating model in combination with control logic and effective means of motivation control. These can involve monetary incentive systems as well as non-monetary leadership and feedback principles that creates a favorable environment in which performance can thrive.. In either case, it is important to link your company’s goals with the interests and preferences of your employees. We support our clients in this design process, drawing on our worldwide experience. In this way, we offer you individual solutions, whether domestic or international.

In addition, we have been catalysts and trailblazers of modern compensation consulting for many years, and we guide you through the development of total compensation systems, design of your benefits portfolio, transition into the “new work” environment and creation of both robust and flexible job structures for companies of all sizes and sectors.
With the proven market data from our compensation database, certified by the Technical Inspection System (TÜV) we also advise you on the transparency required to make sound decisions on salary positioning.

We offer your HR experts exclusive access to our compensation database, the Kienbaum Compensation Portal, where you can produce digital, customized compensation queries on such topics as career models, organizational development or talent management.

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Gain fascinating insights from our “Germany 2018” salary report, which you can obtain from us here.

For experts: Get to know our unique role evaluation method (KRIEM).

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Complimentary Kienbaum research study: The Pay Gap 2019

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