Corporate Learning & Academy Building

With us, your employees and your company are constantly learning new things

In the digital age, having professionally trained, versatile employees who are willing to learn, is a competitive factor that has become more crucial than ever. Companies with an innovative and open learning culture have a clear advantage.

Digitalization, new work, leadership and future HR needs are immensely challenging issues for executives and management. They are faced with the need to transform themselves and their employees into entrepreneurs within the company and to promote innovations in processes, products and services. They can be successful only by showing empathy, being simultaneously demanding and supportive, and inspiring and motivating people to think in a global and networked way.

To be able to meet these and future challenges, executives require encouragement and advice. Both new and experienced executives easily learn and rehearse both accepted and new competencies through the Kienbaum Learning Hub (KLUB), succeeding in incorporating fresh momentum and perspectives into daily work routines.

Kienbaum has lengthy experience in designing and perfecting effective and efficient corporate learning functions for both executives and technical experts at all transformational levels, ranging from learning strategies focused on organization and governance to processes and learning management systems. With respect to program management design, we enhance your training programs with effective, level-specific learning structures. We also guide the steps of your program development in relation to participant management, selection of trainers and resources, and KPI-based performance assessment.

Jointly with you, we create and implement sustainable and effective learning structures and can even set up your own learning academy to ensure the continued personal development of your employees over the long term.

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