Change Agility Profile

Precise online survey that gives your team direct feedback on their willingness to change and recommendations for implementation.

Measure agility individually as you unlock and utilize potential

The Change Agility Profile is a holistic scientific instrument that measures and develops a person’s individual change agility. Why does HR need a tool like this? Faced with constantly transforming business and technological environments, companies must be flexible and must sometimes make adjustments in the short term. To be successful in negotiating such change, organizations need change-agile management and employees. The Change Agility Profile examines an individual’s need for development in relation to that person’s readiness and capacity for change in addition to the entire organization culture’s agile preparedness.To avoid socially desirable responses, this multi-method approach also measures unconscious attitudes toward change. An automatically generated, individual report created after the application of the profile – to which participants are provided exclusive login access – contains differentiated results as well as concrete and practical actions recommended for the person’s further development. Employers also receive overall company-wide reports with benchmarks specific to each sector.

With its compressed presentation and simplicity of use, the Change Agility Profile produces wide-ranging knowledge for you and your team in only 30 minutes.

Change Agility Profile: Successful Transformation Within Your Company

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