Pioneers in Consulting Services

We build a future for people and organizations

With a bicycle, courage and pioneering spirit, Gerhard Kienbaum laid the foundation stone for our company in October 1945. Kienbaum became the first German consulting firm and the only human resource and management consultancy of European origin. As a family enterprise, we are now represented by 600 employees in 26 offices on four continents.

In a complex world, where predictions are impossible, the only constant is constant change. This means for us: We are taking the next step in the third generation. We need the intelligence of the crowd and the personality of the individual. We see ourselves as an individualized community, in which everyone is invited to unfold their potential.

„Leading by #WePowerment“

What does contemporary leadership mean?

  • For thousands of years, hierarchies have served the efficient execution of decisions, while networks have served the efficient resolution of problems. The leadership task of our time is the flexible combination and situational design of these basic organizational models. This is reflected not only in the classic structure, process and project organization, but also in agile organizational and corresponding management models.
  • We therefore need the intelligence of the crowd and the personality of the individual. The focus of our business areas Leadership Advisory, Management Consulting, as well as Acceleration & Empowerment is thus on unfolding the potentials of individuals in organizations.
  • Not knowing tomorrow’s issues, we have to be as diverse as possible in order to find the best answers. This conviction is expressed by practiced diversity in age, gender, education and cultural background.

What do we mean by “Leading by #WePowerment”?

The empowerment of people is at the focus our leadership and advisory approach. Changes can only be successfully mastered if individuals act on their own responsibility and are committed to lifelong learning.

At Kienbaum, the strength of our individualized community turns Empowerment to #WePowerment.

With the help of our ecosystem, we activate the skills of our employees across teams – both internally and externally, using analog and digital technologies. The symbol of this approach is the hash tag “#”.

Kienbaum is young at heart. Because we contribute our ideas.
Because we drive and exemplify change.
Because we are open-minded and courageous.
Because we have the desire and the joy to shape the future.
Because we see ourselves as an individualized community.
Leading by #WePowerment is the umbrella for our collective endeavors.
Fabian Kienbaum
Chief Empowerment Officer Kienbaum