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Pulse-Check on the Gender Pay Gap in Start-Ups

11 March 2020 - The so called gender pay gap is a strongly debated topic in Germany. Among political parties, interest groups, investors and companies, it is more or less accepted, that the gender pay gap exists and must be closed in the future.
As a matter of fact several studies show that a closing of the gap has not been achieved yet.

By: Dr. Michael Kind, Dr. Katharina Dyballa

Internationality as a key success factor for the German Mittelstand

9 March 2020 - As the country with the world’s biggest trade surplus and the third largest export nation after China and the USA, Germany’s international activities can be considered as one of the central success factors of the local economy. Almost half of the underlying export volume is contributed by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a turnover of up to 500 million euros – the German Mittelstand.

By: Felix Bischoff
An HR perspective

Doing business in Brazil

14 October 2019 - Embedded in Mercosur, the Southern Common Market, and as a member of the BRIC countries, the world’s eighth-largest economy has almost always been considered the “land of the future” – a future, some argue, that has not yet materialized.
Despite all challenges, Brazil’s vast natural resources, its enormous population size...

By: Fausto Alvarez & Axel Werner

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