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Digital technology drivers are changing markets and business models, corporate structures and job architectures. On the one hand, this has an impact on the structure of the workforce by changing quantitative and qualitative personnel requirements and creating new job profiles. On the other hand, both the personal responsibility of managers and employees and their digital competence must be strengthened. Organizational development always means making profound organizational know-how available with regard to methods and models, actively involving employees in the change process and providing them with appropriate coaching. It also means, however, to formulate and communicate a clear economic goal and to be measured against the achievement of that goal.

We develop employees and competencies based on organizational requirements so that they can optimally implement the defined strategy. The available resources can only be used effectively and efficiently if the corporate structure and processes as well as the underlying management and control systems offer optimal framework conditions.

As business consultants we help companies to define their economic objectives at the highest level, to be measured against the achievement of these objectives, and then to develop structures, employees and competences on the basis of organizational requirements in such a way that they can optimally implement the defined strategies.

We begin with the analysis and definition of your initial situation, work with you to create the organizational design and the right shoring and sourcing mix, and finally accompany the implementation of Future Work Force, Transformation Management and the development of agile networks.

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