Connected Car Study

Effects of vehicle digitalization on people and processes

Connected Car Study

Dirk Seiferth
| 7. April 2016

The main trend in the automobile sector is the networking of vehicles with the Internet as well as with one another. Automobile connectivity is both a logical expectation for customers in the Internet Age and a necessary requirement for intelligent vehicles that will be increasingly engaged in self-driving in the future.

One of the greatest challenges for intelligent and user-friendly solutions lies in differences in theways of thinking and working between the Internet and software sectors on the one hand and the automobile industry on the other hand. How can these two sectors work together in the future, and how must auto manufacturers and suppliers in particular make changes in their structures and processes to arrive at a productive symbiosis?

The present study reveals how the sectors will change in the coming years. The increasing dominance of software in the vehicle demands structural adjustments on the part of automobile manufacturers and suppliers. Software, IT and Internet competence are increasingly important ways of achieving market differentiation. It is becoming more difficult to gain an advantage over the competition through traditional approaches such as better quality workmanship or engines that run more smoothly.