Tools & Platforms

Our HR management tools are highly efficient and site-independent, digital applications with functions that can be individually adapted to your business, taking your personal training to an entirely new level.

Raise your digital potential

Our HR tools are based on the methodology of scientific inquiry. These have been extensively tested and can be used as either a simple questionnaire or a tablet application to provide valuable insights within a short time. With the benefits of this digital support, your HR administrative processes and recruitment plans can become more efficient, the approval process can be shortened and the quality of your recruiting and personnel administration decisions can be maximized.

Our HR management tools can be adapted to the individual demands of your sector and take your own departments’ specific human resources features into account. In this way, you provide all participants with highly precise results, no matter what the hierarchy level, team size or location.

Kienbaum HR Platforms

Our aim is to empower you to take things into your own hands. With our on-line platforms, you can access and utilize our knowledge, networks and databases at any time – no matter where in the world you happen to be at that moment. If you have been wanting to take your career to a new level, go to Kienbaum Jobs to access our clients’ current vacancies. On your own, review innovative coaching content at and identify your options for receiving on-line and in-person coaching.

Our Compensation Portal is highly regarded by HR specialists and executives for providing unique insights and data on salary structures across a wide variety of sectors.

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