All-Agile HR?

Findings on the maturity level of the HR function in agile transformation

Prof. Dr. Walter Jochmann, Frank Stein
| 18. December 2018
Agility is seen as an imperative for the transformation in companies, new work and a new corporate culture, but it is primarily explored through agile software development and flexible production systems. How the HR function can organize itself in an agile way as the primary creator of change within companies has so far not been fully addressed, at least in the literature; yet it requires a high degree of agility in order to enable employees and organizations to be agile. This is why Kienbaum and DGFP have developed a framework model for agile HR function and personnel development, and used it to analyze the specific strengths and development areas of personnel work in Germany. Finally, short and medium-term options for action and design for companies, teams and personnel decision-makers in particular could be derived from that framework model.