Filling positions for Dr. R. Pfleger

The Customer

In the service of health – This is how Dr. R. Pfleger GmbH has viewed its role for over six decades. As one of the leading medium-sized pharmaceutical manufacturers in Germany, Dr. Pfleger develops, produces and markets a wide range of over-the-counter and prescription drugs, especially in the areas of urology, dermatology and gynecology. Founded in 1945 by Dr. Robert Pfleger and owned since 1974 by the Doctor Robert Pfleger Foundation, the company today employs a staff of approximately 340, with revenues of EUR 74.1 million generated in Financial Year 2016. The product range extends today to more than 60 finished medications and medicinal products in over 100 commercial forms as well as around 20 personal care products.

The Project

We hold key positions at a high level on behalf of the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Those engaged in research and service on behalf of human health have a great deal of responsibility. As a pharmaceutical company committed to people, we value our employees and provide the space necessary for them to develop their potential. By occupying important functions, Kienbaum is a valued and competent partner.
Sascha Dorsch
HR Director

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