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Kienbaum consultants are distinguished not only by their expertise and experience in countless customer projects, but also by their diversity. They come from all regions of Germany and the world, have passed through various training and further education stations and have decided on their career path with individual focal points. What unites them all is their deep interest in people, organizations and the resulting topics. In the Kienbaum Blog they report on the latest HR trends, special customer projects, innovative event formats or scientific studies.

An HR perspective

Doing business in Brazil

By Fausto Alvarez, Axel Werner

14. October 2019 – Embedded in Mercosur, the Southern Common Market, and as a member of the BRIC countries, the world’s eighth-largest economy has almost always been considered the “land of the future” – a future, some argue, that has not yet materialized. Despite all challenges, Brazil’s vast natu…

Specifics, challenges and strategies

Securing appropriate human resources for international companies in Japan

By Etsuji Suzuki

1. October 2019 – After more than six years since the introduction of Premier Minister Shinzo Abe’s economic reform package “Abenomics” and with the Olympic Games in Tokio coming up, it is time to take a closer look at the 6,852 islands encompassing East Asian state of Japan. As the world’s third largest market and one…

E-commerce in Russia: Challenges and Opportunities

By Malgorzata Cyganowska

8. May 2019 – Companies in Russia have been facing a number of challenges and questions when it comes to a successful implementation of e-commerce. First of all, even though digitalization (“the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producin…

Three questions for Fabian Kienbaum

Made in Germany – Made by Vielfalt

By Kerstin Wandt

2. April 2019 – Kienbaum is part of a Germany-wide promotional campaign by family-owned companies titled: “Made in Germany – Made by Diversity”. We are proud to take part in this campaign and to make this public commitment. But exactly what is it about? We posed a few questions concerning this to Fabian, our Chief…

Low unemployment in the Czech and Slovak Republics – Danger to economic growth?

By Petr Hruska

31. August 2018 – The Czech and Slovak economies have been in great shape for several years now and still continue to improve with companies reporting record results year after year. Today, the two are among the largest manufacturing bases for the automotive industry in Europe. Countless car parts are manufactured there and hu…

Compensation in the United States versus the rest of the world

By Michael Otte

27. July 2018 – Compensation in the United States is different from compensation in most countries. Just like pay scales in Sweden differ from pay scales in Italy. Within the country, there are salary differences between Mobile in Alabama, Aspen in Colorado, New York City, and San Francisco in California, but generally speak…

Say on pay in France

A path towards more fairness in compensation strategies?

By Sofia Sefrioui

25. June 2018 – Since the “Loi Sapin II”’ came in force in March 2017, a major change in France on the “Say on Pay” has been introduced, with an even stricter framework for executive compensation than the EU Shareholders’ Rights directive. During the 2017 annual general meetings in France (SBF 120 companies), 88% …

Candidate Experience Matters

By Malgorzata Cyganowska

29. May 2018 – Candidate Experience continues to be a hot topic in talent acquisition, and with good reason. In brief (and brevity is very much called for considering the many definitions of the term that can be encountered), the concept of Candidate Experience refers to overall impressions and perceptions of the candidate …