Kienbaum Accelerator

A unique program that speeds up your company

The Kienbaum Accelerator is an innovative approach to corporate leadership: Creation of a clear focus on the strategic agenda, agile work structures and enthusiasm for change on the part of management and the important key individuals – this approach will enable companies to be more nimble and precise in taking advantage of opportunities, thereby producing economic growth.

The Accelerator will quickly permit the formation of a network of the most important persons and executives. By utilizing the right company management method and competent employees, Kienbaum helps its clients achieve strategic agility and rapid implementation, in this way reducing costs, conserving resources and ensuring results. Our many years of experience in all company leadership matters ensures an integrated, harmonious collaboration in this process.

The Accelerator’s individualized construction provides you with innovative support from both analog and digital elements for highly scalable methods that can enhance your market position, expand your competitive advantage and increase your profits.

We invite you to become more familiar with the Kienbaum Accelerator – an innovative platform for highly scalable methods.

Successful organizations need stimuli that inspire their entire team. The Kienbaum Accelerator produces concrete results as well as momentum. A frequent reaction: “That was unbelievable.” Because all processes, events and coaching sessions are tailored to you and your business model, each participant can contribute and ideas can emerge that will make an impact on your business. Add to that an experience that forms an enduring bond and makes efficient use of the team’s resources. This is how transformation projects are sustainably and durably accelerated. When is the best time for your Accelerator? Probably right now

„It is wonderful to see all the new solutions we generated in just two days using the Accelerator.“
Gisbert Rühl
CEO Klöckner
„The way we execute the strategy with the Accelerator achieved outstanding change.“
Prof. Dr. Timm Homann
CEO der Ernsting's family Unternehmensgruppe

Sample flow of an Accelerator


Careful joint site selection at the highest leadership level and definition of the desired results in harmony with corporate strategy.


Preparatory research and interview phase with executives and those responsible for company sectors to determine concrete objectives and transformation tasks.


Common determination of topics and planning of events for an appropriate implementation of actions involving as many participating employees as possible to achieve maximum cultural effect.


Execution, documentation and debriefing of events and event sequences as well as presentation and continual monitoring of contents by our Kienbaum consultants.

The benefits of the Accelerator at a glance

The Accelerator in action

Have a look behind the curtains of Klöckner’s Digital Sales Accelerator to learn more about the effectiveness of this innovative format.

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