Pressemitteilung – Cologne, April 4, 2019

The Innogy team of experts reinforces Kienbaum’s strength with respect to issues of the future

Kienbaum Personnel and Management Consultancy has been reinforced by the interdisciplinary team of consultants led by Andrea Kahlenberg.

Cologne, April 4, 2019

Kienbaum Personnel and Management Consultancy has been reinforced by the interdisciplinary team of consultants led by Andrea Kahlenberg (46). This experienced consultant on change and organizations started as Managing Director on 1st April 2019, along with a four-person team from Innogy Consulting GmbH, the in-house consulting division of the Innogy SE Energy Group. During her time in this organization, Andrea Kahlenberg held a variety of senior leadership positions, leading the group through the complex transformation from RWE to Innogy. At Kienbaum, she will build up and direct the strategic business area of Empowerment and Acceleration along with Henning Böhne and Jörg Sauer.

The goal of this business area is to work with clients in shaping the development of medium-sized and large organizations with respect to complex transformation during times of VUCA, digitization and new work to equip these organizations for the future. Andrea Kahlenberg will also lend her experience to topics involving leadership in digital times, cultural transformation and the conceptualization and construction of agile organizations.

The members of Andrea Kahlenberg’s team see themselves as catalysts for change, unconventional thinkers, agile coaches and developers of organizations. The team’s work is characterized by the application of a variety of innovative methods and procedures and by a high level of digital competence. The team’s core competence is in the area of sustainable implementation of complex transformations.

Andrea Kahlenberg has over 20 years of executive experience with companies and management consultancies. Over the past twelve years, she served in various roles, first at RWE and then at Innogy SE. There she was a partner in the in-house consultancy service, establishing the Change Practice area as well as the Digital Academy. In her most recent position, she founded the brand LRN LAB by Innogy Consulting and successfully converted the experiences gained from the change process into a consultancy service positioned for the external market.

“We are very pleased about Andrea Kahlenberg’s move. With her presence along with her excellent team of consultants, we will be resolutely pursuing the implementation of our strategy to shape the working environment of the future for organizations. Lifelong learning and digital upskilling and reskilling of the workforce are crucial levers for companies in their drive to be competitive in the future,” says Fabian Kienbaum, Chief Empowerment Officer at Kienbaum.

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